Gluten Free Foods

Meet Meghan Burton and her sweet hobby!

Posted Saturday April 7th, 2012 - Meghan Burton is a seventeen year old high school student with a talent that's sweet!

After being diagnosed with celiac disease as a child, Meghan began to crave cooking as a substitute for her inability to digest wheat, rye, oats, barley, and malt.

At first, the adjustment was very difficult for Meghan, and she would find herself very upset and overwhelmed.

Over time, Meghan realized that she could use her disorder to her advantage; and discovered that most things made with wheat products could be made just as well without them.

Instead of working alone, Meghan, her mother, and grandmother created a tradition of cooking delicious pastries each weekend.

Even though Meghan's grandmother has since passed away, she continues to bake in memory of her grandmother and her love for sweet treats!

Today, Meghan creates her own recipes, including her special butter- cream icing and Alfredo sauce.

Some helpful hints Meghan gives to eating gluten free foods is purchasing the Betty Crocker gluten free pancake mix and adding extra water to cupcake batter!

Still not sold on the gluten free pastries?

No worries, Meghan assures everyone that Gluten Free foods are no different than regular foods and usually taste the same

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