Fun websites for teens

BALTIMORE - Teens, here are some productive ways to spend your time online. Not all websites are created equal and these definitely stand out above the rest.

Need homework help? Visit for help in a wide range of academic subjects. You can explore their study materials and even chat with a live tutor. They also have interactive text book help for most of the popular text books.   

Seniors are you having trouble finding schools and scholarships? Go to to make a free profile. Zinch will link you to colleges and scholarships based on your resume. It gives schools a chance to know you beyond what your test scores are and see you as more than a number.

Do you need to relax and unwind from all the stress? Jump on for fun and addicting quizzes. Sporcle has quizzes on everything from television to geography. While it provides hours entertainment it also has educational value, but don't let that turn you away!

Finally, need help picking a gift? Log onto for the ultimate guide. They have a personality profiler that takes you through a series of questions about the person to arrive at the perfect present. It's ran and edited by actual gift experts, which means its not just a search engine pulling information from anywhere and everywhere. No matter what the occasion Gifts will help you make it a gift to remember.

Now when your parents tell you that you spend too much time on the internet you can show them all of the new useful sites and how they are helping you.    

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