Expert help picking the right gift for a girlfriend or boyfriend

Choose the right gift for your significant other

By Zack Newman

Gift giving is a material way for that special someone to gage if their feelings for one another are similar. Spreading the love through gifts can occur any time of the year, on Valentines Day or that significant other's birthday, but occurs most frequently on Christmas.

Because of the stress on gifts, it can throw a kink into any relationship. If one gives too much to their significant other, the recipient can feel overwhelmed. But too little, and one could be considered to be cheap, a "Scrooge." In a recent Western Union survey, 75% of Americans have lied and said that they liked their gift but actually returned it.

"I think the gift should resemble how close you are to each other," 17-year-old Stevie Danielczyk said.

Clinical social worker Sharlene Allen says that there are set guidelines for those in a relationship to follow.  

"If your dating from one month to 90 days, you should get something that signifies that ‘I like you,' a card and something very simple, 10, 15, maybe 20 dollars at the most. At 90 days to 180 days, six months, maybe something saying ‘I want to solidify this, I want you to be my girlfriend, I want you to be my boyfriend'," she said. 

Allen suggests that if you have been dating a year or more, don't spend any more than 30-50 dollars to avoid emptying out your wallet.

"If you don't have the money you can make something, it's the thought that counts. There's nothing more than being a romantic and expressing yourself to your significant other," she said.

16-year-old Sara Adkins agrees.

 "I think if you've known someone for a long time it doesn't matter how much it costs just how much you've thought about it," she said. Adkins has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, 16-year-old Max Lozick, for over two and a half years.

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