Can't get a Job? Hurdles Teens Face when Looking for Employment

By Patrick Basler

In the minds of many of America's teenagers, the economy is something that doesn't affect them until after college. However, unemployment certainly isn't something you need a degree to struggle with.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys in October of 2012, 23.7% of teenagers were jobless. That means almost one quarter of those who will make up America's workforce in the near future are missing out on the chance to gain crucial work experience, as well earn money.

This teen unemployment struggle can be traced to a lack of businesses hiring, as well as teens also having to compete with adults and older Americans coming out of retirement for jobs.

However, there are ways teenagers can get the job experience that is so important after college. When applying for jobs, teens need to leave a lasting impression.

Following the tips in the Job Advice section of teen employment website is a good way to leave this impression. Looking for experience outside of the workplace is also a very viable option, and volunteer work is a great way to get this experience, even if it doesn't come with the added benefit of a little extra money in the pocket.

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