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How to join the Teen Media Project

The Teen Media Project

2012-2013 Season Applications are Due October 1, 2012

The Teen Media Project is a journalism program for local high school students.  It is funded by Scripps Howard, Inc.; the company that owns WMAR TV. 

A dozen students are chosen to participate in the program each year based on their writing skill, interest in journalism and their unique ability to contribute to the group. 

For seven months, from November to May the students research, write, report, produce and anchor a thirty-minute newscast that airs once a month on ABC2. 

During this time the students learn how television is run both in front of and behind the camera.  The student's show, Teen Perspective 2News, usually airs the last Saturday of each month.

Local and national journalists come and speak to our students about their careers and about how the business works.  We take a field trip annually to enhance the students understanding of journalism. 

The Teen Media participants work with professionals at WMAR ABC2 to complete their show and the show is taped in the same studio as the station's daily news broadcast. 

One of our most successful class sessions each year is when our graduates return from college and the working world to share with our high school students. 

You can further explore the work of the Teen Media Project students at at and at Twitter@ABC2_TeenPrspct.


If you have further questions about the Teen Media Project, please contact Project Coordinator: Donna Knutson at 410-372-2466 (

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