Aquarium Program Provides An Ocean of Knowledge To Local Teens

By Tyler Conway

The National Aquarium is home to an award-winning program for teenagers  that focuses on scientific research, conservation activities, job skills, and theatre to provide the students involved with skills they can use for the rest of their lives.

The programs participants were chosen in the beginning of the school year, while students from the previous year that are still in high school return.  Incorporating drama into their program is how they reach out to the community to share their conservation with students at local libraries in the area.

This awesome opportunity has given no shortage of opportunities for those involved including numerous field trips for conservation activities.

To find more information on the program visit and click on the Learn tab.

The students in the program will be partnering with the National Marine Educators Association and holding a Youth Conservation Summit on July 22nd. This opportunity is open to any high school student in Maryland.

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