App Proves to be a Friend Indeed, to a Teen in Need

By Brianna George

18-year-old Kalena Blackman was devastated when she found out her valuables, including an expensive laptop containing important school projects and papers, were stolen.  She knew that the chances of her recovering her items were slim.

"When I realized that it was actually gone I ... just felt like so shocked and I was like just flabbergasted," Kalena said.

For the sake of schoolwork and projects, wiping the laptop clear would not have been an option.

"All my assignments are there," Kalena said.  "I had a huge essay due a couple of days later that I did on my computer... I probably wouldn’t be able to pass without finding my computer. "

The day it was stolen, an officer told her to use the find my iPhone app.  She found the location of her laptop two days later after sending and receiving a notification from the app.

"We were in the store and she said mom I found it, I found it, and then I realized that the importance of certain apps, rather than you having to go through the old traditional way... it was as easy as one two three," Kalena's mother, Lisa Blackman said.

The person who stole her MacBook sold it on Craig’s list. the buyer was unaware the he purchased a stolen laptop until he received the notification with Kalena's contact information.

"I was really shocked because I thought it would never be able to be found," Kalena said.

Apple does not tell users about safety steps they should take if their device is found at an unknown address.  Kalena's mother, Lisa Blackman, made a wise decision by contacting the police.

"The cops [have] to be involved because without the cops being involved we could not have gone any further," Lisa said."  I would not have gone any further for safety reasons."

Police escorted her to the house. Kalena was amazed when she got her laptop back, unharmed.

"It was in one piece, still in the case, and still and everything was still there," she said. "Nothing had changed, and i was like wow, it’s pretty crazy so all that happened just [because] of that app."

Lisa offers a word of advice to anyone who uses the find my iPhone app... "please be safe out there when trying to locate something that is lost and meaningful to you," she said.

It has proved its success multiple times in Kalena’s life and has potentially saved her and her family a lot of money.  Instead of buying new apple products, she was able to locate various lost devices.

"I was able to locate my laptop when it was lost, my iPhone when I lost it, my mom’s iPhone when hers was stolen, and my sister’s iPod," Kalena said. "It’s called find my iPhone for a reason.  Like yeah, it’s really helpful."

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