A local college student shows incoming freshmen what they'll need to furnish their dorm rooms.

By Kendra Hawkins and Valarie Timms
You've received your acceptance letters, you've committed to a college, and you've set up your housing you may even know who your roommate is.
Now that all of the hard stuff is out of the way it's time to have a little fun with your first year college experience; and what can be more fun than shopping?
That's right it's time to furnish your college dorm room or apartment and to make that experience a bit easier here are a few tips.
When living anywhere it's important that one is comfortable so first you must take care of your bed. Buying sheets, blankets, pillows, and pillow cases are a must but it is beneficial to bring multiple pairs; light blankets for hotter days and thicker blankets for colder days.
Another item that will make your bed room comfortable is an area rug. When waking up in the morning the floor can sometimes be cold especially in winter months, so purchasing one of these will guarantee some warmth.
Another big part of college dorm life is the dreaded showering. There are many horror stories about showering at college, especially if one has a communal showering situation, but with a few items your showering experience can be just as good as the ones at home.
Buying a shower caddy is very beneficial so one doesn't have to carry multiple items such as shampoo, body wash, and toothpaste back and forth every day in your hands.
Also there may be a spot in your shower where you can place the shower caddy so your things do not touch the floor.
Showering with multiple people can be a little grimy so it is important to bring shower shoes, flip flops work fine, and bringing a cleaning agent can also cut down on the germs.
Also bringing multiple pairs of towels and wash cloths can keep you from making a thousand trips to the laundry room and keep a few quarters in your pocket.
In order to make your college dorm room a bit more exciting it is a good idea to liven up your room! Bring your favorite pictures, posters, action figures, and even stuffed animals.
Bringing your favorite items helps to bring a piece of home with you and allows diversity so you won't get bored starring at plain walls.
It is also a good idea to bring a few appliances such as microwaves, a mini fridge, Keurig, or even a Brita filter, also invest in microwavable and dry food so that you can save trips to the cafeteria.
Last but not least to save space in your dorm room bring lots of storage items. Under the bed storage, shoe storage, storage ottomans, and multi-tier hangers can help cut down on how much space you use in order to have more room to work out dance or just relax.
So now that you know what to get go out there and start shopping!
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