17-Year-Old Evan Michael Aspiring Country Superstar

Hear hCatchy New Single "June Night"

By Anna Muckerman

Evan Michael is an aspiring country music singer/songwriter from Kingsville who attends Parkville High School.  He is  learning the ropes of the industry to make it big. Evan released his self-titled first album in 2011.  He says the music had the feel of a John Mayer album and even though he was proud of his work, he realized he had more passion for country music.

Evan started playing four years ago, and has written his own music since age 11. At just 16 years old, Evan was officially a Nashville recording artist.  He enjoys the storytelling in country music and strives to put a little bit of himself into all his songs.

His latest single, "June Night," was released online last August. It is the first single from his new album "Leave It on the Tracks" (Release date TBA).  The song was co-written by Leah Burkey, a country/pop singer/songwriter from York, Pennsylvania.  Evan says they started writing the song in the middle of a cold winter's day in January.  They were longing for summer so they wrote a fun song about warm June.

Evan's desire to build his music career is taking him far from home.  He is moving to country music mecca Nashville, Tennessee after he graduates in the spring. You can see Evan at his next performance on April 13 th at the Johns Hopkins Spring Fair, or check him out at facebook.com/evmichaelmusic and @theevanmichael on Twitter.

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