Roosevelt Leftwich

When and why did you join WMAR?

I joined WMAR on Halloween Day 2000 after working for the Scripps station in Cleveland. 

Where else have you worked and what was your oddest job?

I have been in TV for quite a while.  I started in Zanesville Ohio, and worked in markets in South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio and finally here.

My oddest job was working in Burger King when I was 16.  I worked the drive through and met  a lot of strange people especially on a Friday and Saturday night. 

Interesting fact(s) about your personal life?

I'm an avid cyclist!

What do you love about living in the Baltimore area?

It's the John Waters side of Baltimore that I like. There is an underlying element of weirdness that is always entertaining. 

All-time favorite movie and song? Why?

It just depends I like good art films.  The best I've seen in a while is The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino.
But then there is nothing better than a movie full of monsters and explosions like Star Wars, the Transformers movies or anything where you have big robots or monsters duking it out.

What were you like as a kid?

I just liked to play. I would get on my bike in the morning and not get off of it until dinner time. If I wasn't riding or playing football I would just day dream. 

Apps you can't live without?

Subway Surfers, Woot, Washington Post, Dropbox, & Twitter

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