Preston Mitchum Jr.

Preston Mitchum, Jr. is a veteran video journalist who joined the station in 1997 after graduating from then-Towson State University with a degree in Mass Communication.

He has covered a number of major events over the years such as September 11th, the 2008 Presidential Inauguration, the Sniper Case and the Virginia Tech Shooting. He has a passion for using the power of video to make a difference.

As a night side video journalist, he has witnessed the daily affects of the violence and poverty on Baltimore families. It's one of the reasons he started The Preston Mitchum, Jr. Foundation

in 2002. Its mission is dedicated to addressing the crippling effects of poverty and violence on at-risk youth and families in our society.

In 2006, he was honored with "The William R. Burleigh Award for Distinguished Community Service" by The Scripps Howard Foundation. The award was earned by five individuals that year for their extraordinary community efforts. In 2007, his Foundation received Baltimore County's highest volunteer honor, the "Maryland You Are Beautiful Award" presented by County Executive, Jim Smith during the "Good Neighbor Week 2007 Award Ceremony."

In his spare time, Preston runs his non-profit foundation, enjoys playing sports and dining out, it’s all about great food! Preston is married to Carrie Mitchum and they reside in Perry Hall.

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