Erik Neilsen

"Just get out of the way and let them tell their story," you'll hear Erik shout in the ABC2 newsroom.

Erik's love for storytelling started when he was a little boy. Often he would sit in the back of the KING5 control room in Seattle, watching his father direct the news. He quickly followed in his father's footsteps and got a job right out of college working for The Education Channel in Baltimore County.

It was there that Erik began to develop his craft for storytelling through his camera work.

After several years at The Education Channel, Erik wanted to reach a larger audience and decided to take a job at Fox45 in Baltimore. In those years at Fox45 Erik earned himself an Associated Press Award for a short series on childhood obesity and an Emmy for a feature story about a blind bike rider.  The awards captured the attention of news competitors in the area and he was approached by the Chief Photographer at ABC2.

"As long as I get the chance to tell great stories," he told ABC2.

Currently, Erik Neilsen works on ABC2's Good Morning Maryland, providing live coverage for the day's events.

Erik has two passions in his life; his family and telling great stories. 

Follow Erik on Twitter @ErikfromABC2 .