Catherine Hawley

Catherine Hawley started working at WMAR as a reporter in June 2014. 

Why did you join WMAR? I decided to join the ABC 2 news team to challenge myself and grow as a journalist.  As a bonus, I get to eat crab all the time now!

Where else have you worked and what was your oddest job? Before moving to the Charm City, I worked at WFMZ in Allentown, PA as a reporter and anchor.  I also reported and filled-in on the anchor desk at WRIC in Richmond, VA and WTVH in Syracuse, NY. 

I've also worked as a waitress, a hostess, a camp counselor, before getting into the business.  When I was at college at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA I spent a few months working at a card and candle shop.  It wasn't the most exciting, but I got to do homework when it was slow, pick out the best cards for my family and friends, and even sneak some samples of the chocolate we sold! 

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work? Being a journalist has never been about being on television for me.  I love the fact that I am out in the community, talking to people all day and getting the chance to tell their stories.  When I can do a report and see how it actually impacts the community or someone's life, that's when I am most proud of my work.  Every day is something new, and I am always searching for the next news tip to look into.

Interesting fact(s) about your personal life? I seem to thrive in chaos and work well under pressure, and I definitely credit those abilities to my family life.  I am the second oldest (and oldest girl) of seven children!  I absolutely love being from such a large family.  My  parent's house is always loud, and there are 1,000 things happening, but I have amazing relationships with my parents and my siblings that seem to only get better as we all get older. 

I love nature, being outside and sunsets always make me smile.  I have a passion for traveling, and I plan to own a pet pig one day!

All-time favorite movie? Why? Since I was little, my favorite movie has been The Princess Bride.  I am a sucker for love stories, so of course I love that element, but the movie is also super funny and lends itself well to movie quotes.

Apps you can't live without? Facebook, Instagram, My Fitness Pal, Twitter, mail, maps, Snapchat, Pinterest, Alpine Replay and of course, the ABC2 News app.

What were you like as a kid? When I was little, I was all about using my imagination!  Whether it was building forts in the living room with couch cushions and blankets, hanging out at the pool or playing with friends outside, we always had some magical world we would retreat to.  I loved pink, wearing dresses that could twirl well and running through the woods and keeping up with my brothers.  I was definitely outside more then inside, and anything that included competition, I was interested.

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